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Paint Spray Guns: Saving time and money

15 Meters in 15 minutes: The Electric Spray Gun saves time and materials - it makes a long tedious job, fast and fun.   

KREBS Switzerland offers a wide range of Electric, airless Spray Guns designed to spray the numerous types of liquid needed by the Do- It- Yourself (DIY) or Professional user; from thin water based to very thick oil based materials.  

Suitable to spray surfaces such as wood, wicker furniture, walls, car parts, garages and such with paint, varnishes, impregnating agents, pesticides and insecticides and pretty much any type of liquid.   Just select the gun based upon the power, liquid viscosity and application you need.

IMPORTANT: Your order will be shipped from a local reseller where possible. Where we do not have local resellers, KREBS subsidises your shipping costs so that you pay close to local rates.  The shipping company is listed after you compete your address, just before final check out.  

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KREBS K25 High Quality Paint Gun Sprayer
Powerful electric Spray Gun for those who value quality and performance. IMPORTANT: ..
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KREBS K45 High Quality Paint Gun Sprayer
IMPORTANT:  Your order will be shipped from a local reseller where possible.&..
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