Fast, effective CFC free spot removal solutions

KREBS Switzerland excels in producing fast and economical spot removal solutions, with a wide range of electric guns, integrated systems, CFC free cleaning liquids and training. Leveraging patented "mechanical action" technology to reduce the reliance upon harsh chemicals, our environment friendly products are packed with innovative features designed to save time and money for our customers...from the smallest dry cleaner or on-site laundry to the largest garment and textile production sites.

A short history of stain removal methods

Historically, the textile industry had used chlorinated hydrocarbons to vaporise stains from the textile surface, delivered by high pressure handheld airless spray guns.  Although an effective spot removal method, hydrocarbons are extremely harmful to humans and contribute significantly to the issues caused by green houses gases. Back in the late 80's and 90's, the Montreal Protocol and subsequent agreements set out a schedule for phasing out the use of these hazardous CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).  The banning of fast evaporating hydro-chlorides such as the highly effective solvent 1,1,1-trichloroethane in "open environments" left the textile production and cleaning industry with a real challenge. Alternative solvents possessed poor evaporation and stain removal properties, requiring more time and money to remove the stain. Additionally, such treated fabrics needed to be dried immediately to avoid spotting marks & rings, or rewashing. The obvious answer was to find a treatment which did not depend upon aggressive chemicals to vapourise the stains free, and could compliment the use of synthetic, CFC free solvents and method of immediate drying.

The KREBSSwitzerland Solution

35 years before the banning of hydro-chlorides, KREBS Switzerland had already pioneered a patented mechanical action spot removal system which negated the need for these harmful toxins and removed stains, without leaving water marks.  Customers quickly understood, that when combined with our synthetic solvents and hot soap products, this mechanical action provided an economical, fast, simple and environment friendly alternativeToday, our Swiss made solutions are designed and used by all types of customers across the globefrom high through-put industrial factories and laundries to the smallest dry cleaner, tailor, fashion shop, hotel or nursing homes.

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KREBS DUO spotting table for large gament manufacturers. Cleans with hot soap and mild solvent options
The ultimate professional spot removal system for the Textile & Garment production industry; ..
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KREBS K750 spotting table with Warm Air Drying for garment producers and tailors
A fast, environmentally friendly CFC-free spot removal solution for companies engaged in the..
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K850 spotting table with hot soap and warm air drying for Dry Cleaners
A Favourite of Dry Cleaners, Tailors and Textile Production, the K850 removes stains wh..
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TEX25 spotting gun
IMPORTANT:  Your order will be shipped from a local reseller where possible.&..
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TEX25 with Suction Tube Extension
The suction tube extension for the TEX25 enables cleaning fluid to be sprayed from a larger conta..
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